Moline Second Alarmers

The Moline Second Alarmers would like to say thanks to all that attended our fundraiser last night. We are very appreciative of all the support we got from the community from our friends and family and all the patrons of Mulligans Valley Pub. We would also like to thank the firefighters of the Quad Cities that took the time to come out and support the Moline Second Alarmers. A big thanks to Heather Hurley from the East Moline Fire Department for her help with this and all her dedication the fire service in the quad city area. Thanks to Mulligans Valley Pub for hosting the fundraising event , to Toni’s Smokin Grill for the awesome food and the generous donation of there tips that they made last night and the band First Time Trying for the great music they played all night for everyone to enjoy. It was a great evening and we can’t say THANKS enough for all the support you gave us. There’s a flyer attachment with a QR code on it to our PayPal account if you or someone you know would like to donate to the MSA. We are looking to purchase a new truck to replace our current AIR SUPPLY 12 unit. We would appreciate any support or donation you could give us.