Volunteer Members

We appreciate our volunteers. They’ve gone through extensive training and are ready at a moments notice. Here is a list of our current and some past volunteers.

2022 Officers

David Irwin


Justin Cardamone

Vice President

Sandy LeMaster


Katherine Noack


Ken LeMaster

Rick Turner

Training Officer


Mark Carlson

July 2017

Tammy Douglas

January 2020

Greg Siverly

Stacey Lofgren

June 2018

Amy Lartz

Amy Lartz

December 2020

Michael Parrott

Michael Parrott

December 2020

Mike Thorman

Mike Thorman

December 2020

Mark Carton

Mark Carton

May 1984

Shane Lofgren

Former Members

Adam McDonald
Amy Lartz
Ben Sorgen
Bill Yeager
Bob Herring
Bob Roberts
Bob Wallace
Bruce Christensen
Chris Swanson
Chuck Davis
Dale Curless
Dan Papini
Dave Carlson
Dave Dunham
Dean Harmon
Dean Patton
Denny Fowler
Dick Elias
Don Christinson
Don Flemming
Elmer Rummans
Frank DeWitte
Fred Sundeen
Geoff Manis
George Shatterman
Hope Russell
Jack Larson
Jacob Russell
Jamie Klarkowski
Jerry Allen
Jerry Everman
Jim Bowman
Jim Dean
Joe DePoorter
Joe Lockhart
John Fountain
John Knaack
John Lartz
John Pilichowski
Kelly Welch
Kent Buckrop
Matt Wainmann
Mike Coussens
Mike Herrick
Mike Welch
Monte DeBel
Ralph Stephenson
Randy Reeves
Robert Anderson
Robert Peterson
Ron Crouch
Scott Swank
Shane McBee
Stan Leach
Steve LeMaster
Tim Polley
Toby Crouch
Tony Sorgen
Willie Lartz

In Memoriam

William H. “Bill” Seesland (Founding Member)
Dwain “Chris” Christofferson (Founding Member)
John Acke
Roy Gillen
Russ Kiesele
Maurice Peters
Orv Borkhart
Bill Glendon
Mike Langbehn
Cliff Quick
Howie Bowman
Carl Gustafson
Paul Lerminez
Al Carlson
Jack Hayden
Paul Lesage
Joe Carton
Frank Hearn
John Linblad
Gene Creen
Keith Herrick
Melvin Loding
Chuck Davis
Barry Holderfield
William Meegan
August DeWitte
Rev. Jack Hollenback
Carl Nelson
Chuck DeWitte
Richard Hufford
Dick Nelson
Lee Early
Dale Kistner
Clyde Nielson

Contact info

Moline Fire Dept. Training Center
The Old No.4 Station
2702 4th Ave.
Moline, IL 61265

[email protected]

US Mail:
Moline Second Alarmers
c/o Moline Fire Department
1630 8th Ave.
Moline, IL 61265

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