Moline Second Alarmers

What We Do

While members of the Moline Second Alarmers are volunteers, we are not volunteer firefighters. We assist the Moline Fire Department, as well as several surrounding departments through MABAS (the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System), with on-scene breathing air refill and re-hab service. The group responds to working general alarm fires with Air 12, a mobile air replenishment vehicle. The vehicle is also equipped with various lights for nighttime illumination of the fire scene.

In addition, during the cold weather season, Second Alarmers have heat guns to thaw icy SCBA bottles, and provide hot drinks and warming apparatus for the firefighters. During warm weather operations, we offer cold drinks, cooling fans, and body-temp core cooling chairs to help the firemen fight off heat exhaustion.

The Second Alarmers can also be found assisting with public education activities and at public service events to help further the best interests of the City, the Moline Fire Department, and the Moline Second Alarmers Association.