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The Moline Second Alarmers not only have a rich history as a fire buff organization, but as the volunteer arm of the Moline Fire Department.
The Second Alarmers have a multitude of tasks which range from:

  • Changing, refilling and dispensing S.C.B.A. bottles
  • Fire scene illumination
  • Retrieving or obtaining extra gear, tools or equipment for firefighters
  • Providing refreshments and rehabilitative services to firefighters


Once a month on the first Wednesday we hold training sessions to polish old skills and practice new. We will travel to other local departments to tour stations and learn of the equipment similarities and differences. In some cases the crew learns the proper use and procedure of that equipment just in case we are called into service via the MABAS system.

Training- Summer set up

July 2020

Funeral Detail

May 2020

Fire truck-Funeral detail

May 2020