Moline Second Alarmers

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Second Alarmers Help
Changing & Refilling S.C.B.A. Bottles
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Second Alarmers Help
Retrieve Extra Gear For Firefighters
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Second Alarmers Help
Provide Refreshments For Firefighters
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Celebrating 70 years of service!

MOLINE, Ill (KWQC) – The Moline Second Alarmers Association made a Facebook post on Thursday to display they are in the holiday spirit of Christmas. Also within the post, The association displayed a banner that showed the association is celebrating 70 years of service.

The Moline Second Alarmers Association is a volunteer background support group for fire crews. When local fire departments are called to an emergency, the volunteer group’s main focus is to provide firefighters with fresh breathable air packs but also providing other items like water…

What does the Second Alarmers do?

The Moline Second Alarmers not only has a rich history as a fire buff organization but as the volunteer arm of the Moline Fire Department.
The Second Alarmers have a multitude of tasks which range from:

Self-contained breathing apparatus is a crucial safety equipment used in hazardous environments. In order to ensure continued safety, the bottles must be periodically refilled and replaced. Changing S.C.B.A. bottles requires strict adherence to safety guidelines to avoid accidents and injuries.

When firefighters are at the scene of an emergency, it is important that they have all the necessary gear, tools, and equipment to avoid any untoward incident. Retrieving extra gear, tools, or equipment for firefighters can be a critical task that requires careful planning and execution. This may not be glamorous, but it’s a crucial role that contributes to the success and safety of firefighting operations.

Fire scene illumination is critical in ensuring the safety of firefighters as they carry out their tasks in low-light environments. The illumination equipment used should be rugged and reliable enough to withstand harsh conditions. Some of the commonly used equipment includes floodlights, handheld flashlights, and helmet-mounted flashlights.

Providing refreshments and rehabilitative services for firefighters is critical to ensuring their safety and well-being during emergency incidents. Firefighting is a physically and mentally demanding job that requires significant endurance and stamina. Therefore, it is important to offer firefighters nutritious food and drinks to keep them energized and hydrated during their shifts.

Training Days:

Once a month on the first Wednesday we hold training sessions to polish old skills and practice new. We will travel to other local departments to tour stations and learn of the equipment similarities and differences. In some cases the crew learns the proper use and procedure of that equipment just in case we are called into service via the MABAS system.

On-Site Assistance

Hot or cold, day or night, the Second Alarmers are there to help our local firefighters and make sure that everything they need is provided. Starting in 1896 Eleven local businessmen who enjoyed visiting with the firemen decided they might put their time to better use by helping at fires. Their duties would not include actually fighting fires, but would center around running for tools, assisting with traffic control, picking up and rolling hose lines, and washing and hanging hose back at the firehouse.