Moline Second Alarmers

Fundraiser To Replace Air12 Truck

The Moline Second Alarmers would like to say thanks to all that attended our fundraiser last night. We are very appreciative of all the support we got from the community from our friends and family and all the patrons of Mulligans Valley Pub. We would also like to thank the firefighters of the Quad Cities […]

Knowing When Fires Are More Likely to Happen

This research aims to investigate the seasonal variations in building fire occurrences in Illinois, aiming to identify the months that are more likely to experience such incidents. A comprehensive collection of building fire data from reliable sources, such as fire department records, incident reports, and statistical databases, will be conducted to obtain a representative sample […]

How to Stay Safe in an Active Fire Environment: A 10 Step Guideline

Discover the key to maintaining safety in the midst of an active fire environment with our comprehensive guide for support personnel. From effective communication protocols to essential personal protective equipment, this three-sentence hook unveils the crucial strategies needed to ensure the well-being of support personnel and maximize their contribution to firefighting operations. Arm yourself with […]

How to Change Air Tanks

Discover the path to revolutionizing firefighter safety with our step-by-step guide on improving air tank systems. From analyzing limitations to exploring emerging technologies, this comprehensive resource equips researchers with the knowledge needed to propose innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, and usability, and ultimately protect the lives of firefighters. Unleash the potential for safer firefighting operations […]